Patty Adams:                                                (contact@) 

I am a fat cis white queer woman, long-time activist and yoga teacher/practitioner. I offer yoga as a tool for remembering wholeness, decolonizing our bodies/minds/hearts, and experiencing true freedom.

I offer several donation-based, all-level yoga classes in Durham, including Yoga for Queers and Misfits which I started in 2010. I also offer InQlusive Yoga, which is full of lots of queers and misfits, but is an open class for every body.

My self-organized classes are all donation-based; my studio classes offer special rates and guest options – contact me directly to figure out how to make the studio classes more accessible.

Louisha Barnette: 919-428-7257

Louisha is committed to supporting others on the same journey she is on; finding a balance between feeling your best, doing your best and creating a life that makes you smile. She combines yoga, breath work, aromatherapy, sound therapy, nutrition therapy and journaling to support clients in releasing past pain and trauma, reaching weight loss and wellness goals and balancing career, relationships and lifestyle.
Louisha works with anyone who is ready to put in the work to create new habits. A sliding scale of $15-$60/hr is available.

YMCA offers yoga classes as well

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