Patty Adams

I am a cis queer white woman, a politicized healer, and a commited anti-racist, collective liberation worker. I have worked for more than twenty years in social justice and liberation movements, so I am deeply familiar with the challenges of engaging in sustainable politicized work rooted in anti-oppression values. I work with a range of folks including immigrants, Spanish speakers, people with trauma, people with addiction, people of all gender identies/expressions and sexual orientations. I have extensive training in embodied approaches, and incorporate holistic and alternative wisdom streams along with tools of traditional talk therapy. Currently I offer a self-pay rate of $55.

J. Louise Newton, LCSW, SEP:

I am a warm and charismatic provider and am excited to become a resource and support for you. As a relational therapist I value connection and empathy. Instead of the traditional expert-patient model, which is based on separation and hierarchy, the relational approach emphasizes collaboration and trust.I also strongly subscribe to an anti-oppression framework in my clinical work and personal relationships. I am a member of the queer community and long-time ally to members of the transgender community. I provide LGBTQQIA affirming therapy and evaluations and referral for transgender individuals seeking medical health care. I am a member in good standing of the World Professional Association for Transgender Heath.

Sarah Cameron: (DBT) 919-225-2780 (sliding scale)

Carolyn Stevenson: (919) 699-4933

Elizabeth Norman, M.Ed: Center for SexualHealth

Anita-Yvonne Bryant:  (919) 660-1000

Natasha J. Crawford: (919) 807-1156

Dr. Kamala Uzzell: Solay Counseling


Therapists w/ Radical Healing

“an intentional, radically inclusive, LGBTQ, multiracial and multicultural home for healing and wellness”

Amy Cleckler, LCSW:

I strive to be honest, empathetic, highly-skilled, LGBTQ+ affirming. I have a varied educational background in psychotherapy, public health, yoga, women’s health, social justice and healthy sexuality and therefore can offer a holistic perspective on challenges you are facing. I have specific training in trauma treatment, and over a decade of experience working with survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence/abuse, sexual harassment and stalking. I work with adults 18 and over. I openly welcome clients of color, immigrants, queer and trans* clients, and clients of all genders. Sliding scale available: $80-120/session

David Young Oh, LPC:

David Young Oh, is a queer, POC and trans-identified licensed clinical mental health counselor with offices in both central Durham and central Raleigh. David provides trauma-informed, trans-informed care by integrating both mind and body through both Eastern and Western traditions of healing and wellness, including meditation, neuroscience and psychotherapy. Using a model of wellness, anti-oppression and resilience, he enjoys building relationships that are nurturing, non-judgmental and warm. He specializes in working with a variety of ordinary and extraordinary mental and emotional concerns, including chronic depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, racial and other inherited, intergenerational trauma, LGBTQueer concerns. David accepts both private insurance, BCBS, and sliding scale, based on what the client can afford. 

Terra Hodge:   919-389-0801

I am a licensed therapist (LCSW) and licensed clinical addiction specialist (LCAS). I welcome and affirm clients who are trans, gender non-conforming, cis, queer, straight, or anywhere in between.

I help adults and adolescents address anxiety, depression, history of trauma, shame, low self-esteem, loss/grief (including losing someone in a traumatic way), and co-dependency. I also treat substance use disorders, eating disorders, spending addiction, gambling, and other behavioral addictions.

I am in network with BCBS and Cigna (and soon United/Optum) and I also offer a sliding scale based on what the client can afford.

Jen Martin-Ellison:

I am a queer-identified, cisgender LCSW in private practice with over 10 years of experience as a clinician. I work primarily with adults and adolescents, and I am welcoming and affirming of individuals anywhere on the gender and sexuality spectrums. My style is collaborative, warm, and direct. I have experience treating depression, anxiety, emotion disregulation, relationship conflict, parenting struggles, suicidal ideation, and difficulty navigating life transitions, and I use a holistic and mindfulness-based approach.

I offer a sliding scale of $70-$120. I also am in-network with BCBS and will help with filing out of network claims.

Terri Gallant, LCSW:

Tavi Hancock, LCSW:

Eli Ogburn, LCSW:

Megan Powlas, LCSW:



Carrboro / Chapel Hill: 

Michelle Johnshon :(919) 260-2145

Lou Sawyer: The Androgyny Center; (919) 489.8753


Suzanne Luper: Triangle Pastoral Counseling, 919-845-9977


Pat Callair: (336) 691-1620; Email: Website:

Triangle Area:

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)  Therapists in Durham / Chapel Hill:

As for more “mainstream” / “emergency” resources (which have been really hard for us to access in the past, but are worth keeping around just to have in your back pocket)…



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