Ayden Cox (LMBT #11813):    252.475.0019

My massage therapy practice is based in a belief that that body has the power to heal itself. I use a variety of techniques and modalities to tailor each session to the individual. I believe in working with the complexity of the body, mind, and spirit; it is by listening to the needs of all three that we arrive at a place that makes healing the most profound.

I learned all of the skills I have to better serve my queer community. I also frequently work with pregnant/postpartum and infant clients and have experience working with athletes, elders, adolescents, and those with acute injuries and chronic pain, and individuals from all walks of life as well.

Sliding scale of $35-$75 per hour and free craniosacral clinic days periodically throughout the year. I also offer birth related services (doula, childbirth education, etc.) available on a sliding scale or payment plan.

Megan Rowell:

My massage practice is queer-affirming and mindfulness centered. I am trained in pregnancy massage and often work with clients managing chronic pain. I offer a reduced rate for those interested in monthly massage (check out my “The Regular” program).

Donna Fulcher: 919-812-2018

Lea Clayton: (919) 923-3991

Allen Stevens:  919.491.5555

Lila Kirk:  919-732-9197

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