Rae Swersey, Clinical Herbalist: (Asheville, NC and online via skype/facetime)  http://www.takecareherbals.com/     takecareherbals@gmail.com 

Genderqueer/transgender, southern queer, white, invisibly disabled, and badass plant witch, Rae frames their healing work in a social justice lens linked to understanding race, class, gender, sexuality, ableism and oppression. Using a combination of nutrition, supplementation, herbs and energetic medicine, Take Care Herbals is a personal herbalist practice and online apothecary committed to providing inclusive, comprehensive, and accessible health care.

Serving LGBTQQIA folks, activist and organizers, and underserved populations. Specializing in trauma, chronic pain and illness, mental health and wellness, stress/burnout, and oppression.

Offers sliding scale if committed. Asks that you pay as close to their fees as possible.


Suki Roth: (336) 376-0727 http://www.herbhaven.com/     suki@herbhaven.com

Suki has a private consultation practice where she works one on one with individuals seeking improved health and a greater connection to Spirit through the use of natural plant medicine.

Monica Ganguly // Cultivating Resistance Herbals: cultivating.resistance@gmail.com  http://cultivatingresistanceherbals.com

Herbal and Energetic Healing for physical, mental, and emotional health. I’m a community herbalist trained in Western Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine. I’m a Reiki master, student of plant magic, and deep ecology. I primarily provide care for low income, brown and black folks, LGBTQ folks, and elders. I’m a middle aged queer cis-woman of color. I provide herbal wellness consultations at a sliding scale rate from $20-60. All tinctures are $10/oz and teas are $5/pt. If you are financially able to give more, that can help to subsidize care for others. Contact me if you want to work out a barter or trade. I offer targeted herbal preparations to heal illnesses that range from acute to chronic, to help maintain overall wellness, and/or prevent illness and injury. Contact me if you have a specific need or schedule a consultation. During a consultation, we’ll create an integrated health plan that can return your body to balance.

Across generations and culture, people have used herbal medicines and body treatments as a part of daily life and to heal from physical and emotional trauma. I appreciate the accessibility and affordability of herbal medicine: with little to no money, anyone can learn to grow or find wild herbal medicines to support your whole family’s health. Ask me if there’s something you want to learn!

Ricky Bratz, Herbalist and Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

Cazimi Healing    www.cazimihealing.com    919-937-2882    ricky@cazimihealing.com

Cazimi Healing is a plant medicine and healing practice offering holistic health and healing services, classes & workshops, and handcrafted potions to support community health and resilience. My mission is to inspire and co-facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level- from the individual to the collective using an anti-oppression lens. I provide complementary, preventative and primary care through the use of plant medicine, energy healing, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and whole foods.

I am a queer cis-gender femme of Sicilian, Arab/SWANA and Eastern European/Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. I am committed to offering quality, affordable and accessible healthcare and healing for all, especially queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people, people of color, low income people and survivors.

Free 20-minute consults. Rates vary on a sliding scale system depending on service between $25-$75. Trade available. See my website for more info!

7-9pm M-F. 10am- 4pm S-S. Other appointment times available by request. Appointments available in person in Durham, NC or via Phone/Online.

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