Advance Directive

A psychiatric advance directive (PAD), also known as a mental health advance directive, is a written document that describes what a person wants to happen if at some time in the future they are unable to decide for themselves or to communicate effectively.

Expanding on work by the Icarus project, Art Asylum created a template to shake up how we think of advance directives. The template explores different methods of community engagement, empowerment, and creativity to offer instructions on care and prevention. This booklet includes an envelope for a more formal /legal advance directive (with instructions on having it notarized). You can download the legal documents from the bottom of this page.

Creative Advance Directive

PDF’s to print out to make Creative Advance Directive Booklet:




If you want a two-sided booklet, download these PDF’s and take them to kinkoes and use the magic word: “bookletize.” Or you can print them yourself, but you will need to put the pages back-to-back (unless your printer is magical and prints double sided).

You will have three tiny booklets called signatures. Enclose them in a trimmed-down manila folder, and either bind them or stable them all together. Tape an envelope to the inside of the back cover (this will hold your legal documents).

Print out this insert as well. You will use it to cut up and use as prompts to help you fill out your booklet.


Follow the instructions (which are included in the booklet) to create your advance directive.

Legal Advance Directive:

Letter of Intro

Legal Advance Directive