Q: Who made this site?

A: The Art Asylum + Friends. 

The Art Asylum builds creative pathways and reduces isolation among folks who struggle with mental health and addiction. We denounce criminalization, infantilization, dismissal, and incarceration of all people, and specifically of people who struggle with mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We do this by turning the critical lens to the system we live in, and embodying our own unique powers of creativity and cosmic connection. We transform reality.

The Art Asylum is a project of the Durham Artists Movement.

This resource guide comes out of a desire and need for accessible and affirming mental health resources. The ideas of “accessible” and “affirming” are different for each of us, and we recognize that some of the things that work for us may not work for others. But we hope that this will be a supplemental tool (among many) for self determination for cultivating health and well being.

You can contact us at: durhamartasylum@gmail.com

Beths Soul Map

Drawing by Beth Bruch

There is a loneliness that can be rocked. Arms crossed, knees drawn up, holding, holding on, this motion, unlike a ship’s, smooths and contains the rocker. It’s an inside kind.

~Toni Morrison



Thank you thank you thank you to all of the fabulous people who contributed to the creation of this site:

Carly Campell, Jade Brooks, Jodi Hart, Kristen Cox, Beth Bruch, Catherine Edgerton, Heeva Kadivar, Ariel Springfield, Billy Dee, Cassie Hamrick…


Art Contributors:

Ariel Springfield : “Nebula” (background image for full site and page header for all tabs on homepage). Artwork also appear on the following page headers: Acupuncture, Body Work, Energy Work, Miscellaneous Resources, Massage, Creativity, Community, and Books and zines, Therapists. See more of Ariel’s artwork at:  http://www.arielspringfield.com/

Catherine Edgerton: Artwork appears on the following page headers: Advance Directive, Art Therapies/Therapeutic Art, Mad Pride . See more of Catherine’s artwork at: http://livinontheedgerton.com/

Heeva Kadivar: Artwork appears on the following page headers: Crisis Prevention/Intervention Strategy, Meet-ups, Herbalists.

Beth Bruch: Drawing (above).

Billy Dee: Miscellaneous photographs by bill appear on the following page headers: Naturopathy, Support Groups, Trans Affirming Care Providers, Yoga, Addiction, Assault/Family Violence, Spirituality, Food/Exercise/Herbs, Ideas for Stuff to Do.

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